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Yoga gurus, professional athletes, stay-at-home dads, nurses, bankers, pop singers... they all love YogaToes®. Because YogaToes® work!

Fact: YogaToes® change feet immediately. And it doesn't stop there. The goodness continues up through your entire body. Reviews say it all :)

YogaToes® fans love sharing their stories! As much as we love hearing them. Their testimonials are amazing: bunion surgeries called off, hammer toes uncurled, and chronic pain kicked to the curb. Natural, safe, and effective.

Fully functional feet mean a better life.


"Yoga Toes WORK. Have been using them about 5 wks. & the improvement not only in my hammer toe but both my feet is unbelievable. I wish I had ordered them sooner. Finally decided that it would cost me far more to see a physician who would no doubt suggest surgery. Whoever thought of Yoga Toes deserves a medal of honor."
-Anne W.

"I recently went to the podiatrist with foot pain originating from a strained arch and a bunionette. My doctor recommended $400 custom orthotics that would not be covered by insurance. I wasn't willing to spend that kind of money (female, age 24) and instead tried Yoga Toes. A month and a half later with regular evening use, I am very happy to say that I am able to exercise without any foot pain! I find myself able to walk longer distances without toe cramping or pain.

Please do yourself a favor and buy this product if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, or tired feet. You would be amazed at what a little bit of stretching can do. Worth every penny! This product ships quickly and is easy to clean.

I plan to take Yoga Toes with me to Italy this summer to stretch out my feet after long days filled with exploring."
-Alexa G.

"YogaToes have truly augmented my active lifestyle. For years, since running high school track, I suffered from having flat feet. The pain I experienced in my feet after practice and events was growing to be intolerable. In 2001 I began to use Yoga Toes to increase the level of flexibility and healthy circulation in my feet. By doing so, accompanied with several exercises Yoga Pro gave me to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of my feet, I no longer needed to wear arch supporting shoe inserts. For me, wearing inserts had been an everyday thing. Now? My feet are strong enough to support their arches. Yoga Pro truly helped me."
-Andre B.

"I have had YogaToes for a couple weeks and cannot believe the difference. I have had feet problems for years including hammertoes,burning toes,and aching arches. I finally am getting relief from these problems and now barely think about my feet. My husband also wears the YogaToes and is already noticing a difference in his feet. I find it easy to put on when I start with the little toe and one by one put them on and big toe last.No problem that way. Hoping to completely heal my feet by constant wearing. I usually use them morning, noon, and night."
-Janet F.

"Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm not sure how else to explain how I feel about YogaToes. My sister showed me hers when I was visiting a few months ago and showed me how they go on the toes, and then explained how relaxed they made her feet and such. I didn't believe her until I tried these for the first time almost as soon as I received them. My toes feel great. My feet feel great. It really is relaxing and helps foot aches and pains. I highly recommend YogaToes!!"
-Celeste C.

" These are the best for bunion and hammer toe. I am facing surgery for my bunion and hammer toe. I do not want to and will put it off as long as possible. I put them on at bed time. I wear them for about an hour or so then take them off. Big difference with pain going away and helps prevent your feet from getting worse. Invest in them. Your feet will be glad you did! "

-D. Schwab


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