YogaToes: A Truly American Product

YogaToes® are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. Made by dedicated, small-town folks in Michigan. We say please and thank you—and always put customers first. Our ISO 9001 certification assures that YogaToes® are built to the highest standards. YogaToes® are made from first-run, proprietary material that's verified 100% Premium Medical Grade (no toxic, recycled, or unknown filler constituents). 


YogaToes® are free from the slew of toxic acronyms like BPA, DDT, and PCB and heavy metals, which are too commonly found in imported items (sad reminders include toy recalls due to lead, arsenic, and mercury). YogaToes® are hypoallergenic and latex-free. 

Close To Home

The minute YogaToes® leave our US factory, they’re ready to ship to you. No customs delays. No surprise recalls. They don’t go through a two-month limbo, cooking in container ships—one of the most significant sources of global air pollution.


"Shipping YogaToes"


Thank you for choosing YogaToes® and USA manufacturing.




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