IP Enforcement

In 2008, FenF, LLC instituted its own in-house legal department to build, police, and enforce its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio (patents, trademarks, and copyrights). FenF, LLC asserts all its rights against IP infringers, both domestically and internationally.


Representative Lawsuits

FenF, LLC v. Healio Health Inc. et al

FenF, LLC v. Smartthingz, Inc.

FenF, LLC v. The Walking Company and Footsmart, Inc.

FenF, LLC v. IFG Corp. and TJX Companies, Inc. d/b/a T.J. MAXX

FenF, LLC v. Fit For Life, LLC and Sequential Brands Group, Inc.

FenF, LLC continuously monitors every sales channel for IP infringement. Infringing listing removals (known as takedowns) frequently occur on:

FAIR WARNING: Any abusers of FenF, LLC’s IP assets including its patents, federally registered trademarks (i.e."YogaToes" or any variation), or copyrights will very likely be sued.

A partial list of FenF, LLC’s IP asset portfolio:


Representative Patents







Representative Trademarks





Representative Trademark Trade Dress Registrations

Trade Dress Design 5098981

Trade Dress Color Blue For Toe Stretchers 5099070


Representative Copyrights





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