Holiday 2019

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Anyone: YogaToes Gel Toe Separators!

Finding that perfect gift – one that will surprise and delight without breaking the budget – can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, YogaToes has you covered this year, with the holiday season’s hottest gift: gel toe separators!

YogaToes are the original gel toe separators. They bring blessed relief to tired, aching, over-used feet – in addition to helping alleviate toe conditions such as bunions, crooked or “hammer” toes, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic foot pain.

Teachers, hairdressers, retail workers, nurses, dancers, athletes – and anyone else who is on their feet all day – will literally jump for joy when they find YogaToes gel toe separators in their stocking this year!

4 Reasons YogaToes Separators are the Perfect Christmas Gift 

  1. YogaToes Gel Toe Separators: The Gift that Keeps Giving

YogaToes are something your loved one can use all year – and they’ll thank you every time they do! The high quality medical grade gel we use for YogaToes is washable, durable, and will provide years of foot relief.

  1. YogaToes Gel Toe Separators: An Affordable Gift

Affordably priced at under $40, YogaToes gel toe separators are one of the few truly useful gift items you can buy without spending a fortune.

Dad will get much more happiness out of YogaToes than another tie. And your child’s teacher would love the gift of heavenly foot-pain relief way more, than another coffee mug or scented candle! And don’t forget the seniors on your list. Even hard-to-shop for Grandma and Grandpa will be amazed at a thoughtful, and useful, health-giving gift of YogaToes toe separators.

  1. YogaToes Gel Toe Separators: The New York Times calls YogaToes "Fun and Quirky" 

"Great for those in your family whose feet get sore (that is, anyone and everyone), and who need a little push toward embracing relaxation. Bound to provoke a smile — even if they get regifted later."

  1. YogaToes Gel Toe Separators: Fast Shipping

Shipped directly from Michigan to your door, when you give YogaToes for Christmas you can get all of your shopping done without fighting the crowds at the mall. You can get YogaToes for everybody on your list – from your spouse to the office Secret Santa gift exchange – and we’ll have them to you in 2 to 3 business days with priority mail (or 4 to 6 business days via first class).

YogaToes: The Original Gel Toe Separators

Made in the USA, YogaToes offer a safe, affordable and 100% natural solution for tired, aching feet and other foot problems. It’s a gift that truly anyone would love to receive!

Our patented design is doctor approved, and crafted of the highest quality and most comfortable medical grade gel. And our family owned and operated business stands behind each and every product, with unparalleled customer service and support. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs from overseas that are not only stiff and uncomfortable, but can actually make foot problems worse! When stuffing your loved ones’ stockings this Christmas, be sure to give them only the best: the original YogaToes gel toe separators!

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