Yoga Toes In The Media

What started in a garage in Ann Arbor, MI has become a virally revolutionary product. Our multi-patented toe separators have been tried, tested, and loved around the world! Fans run the gamut from professional sports teams like the L.A. Dodgers and Dallas Mavericks to SIA the Australian pop singer to everyday people.

Notable YogaToes® Media Mentions (updated November 2017):

BIBA Beauty (French magazine), Détendre les pieds fatigués [Relax your tired feet]

BuzzFeed, 24 Ways To Treat Your Poor, Tired Feet
"Feel super glamorous while fighting bunions, callouses, and crooked toes..."

DailyMail (UK newspaper), I use YogaToes® to bash bunions, says comedian Miranda Hart

Grazia (German magazine), A High Heel Workout

Health, The Best High Heels For Your Feet

New York Magazine, YogaToes Cured My Lifelong Fear of Bunions
"... a feeling akin to putting yourself in a full backbend or stretching your fingers allllll the way apart after a long day of typing. And I got all the positive reinforcement I needed this summer, when I was sitting by the pool with my mother, and she told me I had the nicest feet in the family."

Oprah Magazine, 5 Ways to Get Fit—Without Getting Hurt
"Falsone [LA Dodgers Head Trainer] recommends wearing YogaToes—which are similar to pedicure separators but thicker—for up to 30 minutes a day."

Rachael Ray Show, Relax Your Toes
"As pretty as your heels are, most likely they’re not made for walking (or standing all day long), so it's no wonder your feet are killing you by the end of the night. Try YogaToes! You put your toes in and it stretches them to relieve cramping."

Wall Street Journal, Can Sideways Toe-Stretching Defeat Foot Problems?

Barefoot Walking: Free Your Feet to Minimize to Impact, Maximize Efficiency…, book by Michale Sandler and Jessica Lee

The Hip Grandma’s Handbook: Tips, Resources, and Inspiration for the New Breed of Grandmother, book by Linda Oatman-High

YogaToes® have also been studied by a neurologist at the Henry Ford Hospital for their therapeutic effect on patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Title: Effect Of Novel Toe Stretcher Device On Foot Dystonia In Patients With Parkinson's Disease

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