Toe Torture Trio: How To Fight Claw, Mallet and Hammer Toes

Claw, mallet, and hammer toe. Just plain ugly conditions. Seriously painful, to boot!

Life with the Toe Torture Trio:

  • Painful blisters from curled toes digging into your shoe.
  • Hard calluses and corns from increased pressure on toes.
  • Difficulty walking and extreme discomfort in shoes.

In one word, each step is torture. Don't let it happen to you!


How Does It Happen? 

Toes work like fingers, on a “pulley” system. Contracting and flexing to “grip”. But, the constant pressure and lack of movement (from shoes) makes your muscles shorten, stiffen, and atrophy. The “pulley” system seizes up. And toes stay contracted, or “curled”. That’s how it works. No exceptions!

Run-down on the Toe Torture Trio:

  • Hammer Toe – The most common toe bending deformity; happens at the middle joint of any toe. 
  • Mallet Toe – Like a hammer toe, but on the farthest joint of your toe.
  • Claw Toe – Closest toe joint bends upwards and middle joint curls downwards (making “C-shaped” toes). It really does look like a claw. This can happen to one or multiple toes at the same time.


Going Barefoot Beyond The Bed & Bath 

We spend wayyy too much time in shoes: high heels or work boots. Your beloved feet are squashed and jammed with every step! Whaddya kick off first thing when you get home? There's a reason for that. Feet got to be free.

Shoes rob you of all the goodness of being barefoot—which feet absolutely need to be healthy.

And that’s what YogaToes® do: plug you back into life before shoes. When we were in daily contact with the good earth. YogaToes® restore the natural toe stretching and barefoot mindset lost in the day-to-day grind. 

Our friends at Evolution Health say it best:

“If you wear any type of heeled shoe or constricted footwear then chances are you are misaligning your feet which will lead to pain in other parts of your body. [Toe stretching] goes beyond simply ‘spacing the toes.’ It … places each toe in the correct anatomical position in relation to the ground and to one another. It mimics the natural barefoot position that is commonly seen in people who go barefoot for most of their lives.”


The YogaToes® Golden Rule

If you have a claw, mallet, or hammer toe. Don’t panic. What cures prevents, and what prevents cures! It’s the Golden Rule of all health. The methods of prevention are the same methods for curing. 

The faster you give your feet YogaToes®, the better. Good things take time, health too. You didn’t get terrible toes overnight.

Whether you’re going to reverse a hammer toe or prevent it from ever happening, start now!

  • Wear YogaToes® as much as you can. For as long as you can. Anywhere you can.
  • With YogaToes® on, roll your feet over a tennis or lacrosse ball, anything that rolls! 
  • Take off your shoes and get barefoot whenever you can. 
  • Treat your feet to Epsom salt baths. Check out these 48 super-vitalizing foot soaks, too. 

Do the right thing, get YogaToes® today!

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