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YogaToes® GEMS®
YogaToes® GEMS® Putting YogaToes GEMS on is easy YogaToes are perfect for home, office, or on-the-go Wearing YogaToes GEMS helps you get into relaxation Style starts with YogaToes GEMS toe spacers Relaxing on the couch with YogaToes toe separators Wearing YogaToes in the bathtub Checklist of the benefits to wearing YogaToes toe stretchers Reverse side of GEMS toe separators package Front of GEMS toe straighteners package Open YogaToes GEMS toe stretcher package YogaToes® GEMS®

YogaToes® GEMS® are for WOMEN with SHOE SIZES: 6 - 11 and MEN with SHOE SIZES: 7 - 10

Instant Therapeutic Relief For Your Feet

Stretch, revive & exercise your toes in style with GEMS, the newest addition to the YogaToes® family. With its easy-fit patented design, GEMS make YogaToes® therapy more accessible.   

GEMS® Make Feet Sparkle!

Your feet deserve to stay beautiful and healthy! GEMS are a simple, one-step way to soothe achy feet and fight foot problems, including:

  • Hammer Toes
  • Bunions
  • Bunionettes
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Crossed Toes
  • Claw Toes

YogaToes® GEMS®...

  • Do the work, you relax. Instant spa day!
  • Relax muscles and increase circulation.
  • Make feet feel perfectly relaxed and refreshed in minutes.
  • Fun, easy-to-use and simply fabulous

What makes Gems® so precious?

  • The patented design of GEMS fits between and beneath toes; gently spreading them apart and away from the balls of your feet - providing even more benefit than walking barefoot.
  • After wearing GEMS regularly, the joints in toes should begin to relax and realign. Tissues become supple and strong again.
  • GEMS bring vital circulation to the farthest and most neglected parts of the body.
  • By improving toes and feet, GEMS bring better balance and posture to the entire body.

Sparkling Gems®:

  • No Risk 365-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the USA of 100% Medical Grade Gel
  • BPA & Latex Free

What is the difference between Original YogaToes and YogaToes GEMS?

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Arminee S.
United States

YogaToes Gems

I’ve only used them twice because after the second time I had a problem with my R knee. Don’t know if it was caused by the Toes but decided to wait a while and try again.

Char L.
United States

Yoga Toes

I have been using them every night for about 1/2 hour in hopes I will straighten out my hammer toe and not need surgery. So far I think it is working.

Rebekah K.

Added to my self care regime!!

I love my Gems. They're great for when I am actively relaxing, legs up the wall, in the bath, reading in the garden. They're a bit tricky to walk in so get set up before you pop the Toes on. My Gems are now permanent part of my self care kit along with eye pillow and palo santo.

Alayna H.
United States


They have been life changing!! I immediately felt an improvement in my overall foot comfort. I have even had some family members purchase their own pairs after trying mine and hearing how much I loved them!

Whitney M.
United States

No more dislocation!

I have only used the yoga toes for a couple weeks now but my big toes that used to painfully dislocate daily are now staying put. My joint feels stronger and has significantly less pain. I love these gems and wish I’d known about them 10 years ago.

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