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Sapphire Blue Original YogaToes
Sapphire Blue Original YogaToes Purple Original YogaToes Clear Original YogaToes Extra Small Sapphire YogaToes Extra Small Purple YogaToes YogaToes toe separators provide the perfect stretch YogaToes toe stretchers are easy to use Take yoga to the next level with YogaToes Wear YogaToes toe spacers anytime, anywhere Relax with YogaToes gel toe separators Life is good with Original YogaToes toe stretchers

Extra Small (Shoe Size: Women 5 - 7), Small (Shoe Size: Women 7.5 - 11 & Men 6.5 - 10.5) *Please choose your size and color from the drop-down menus above.

YogaToes® toe stretchers make feet feel great. They work, you relax. Yoga Toes stretch and align your toes—soothing and reconditioning the entire foot. They’re amazing!

Relax, While You Knock Out:

  • Chronic Foot Pain
  • Bunions (Hallux Valgus)
  • Bunionettes
  • Hammer Toes
  • Plantar Fasciitis (pain in arch of foot)
  • Overlapping Toes

Say Goodbye to Foot Pain!

  • 10 – 15 minutes to start.
  • Patented Easy Fit™ feature makes putting them on super easy.

Make YogaToes® Toe Separators Your Choice for Healthy Feet

  • 100% Premium Medical Gel!
  • Made in America BPA, Latex and Phthalate Free

EZ-Fit™ Ends Make Putting On YogaToes So Easy!

Insert your big toe first, then slide the rest of your toes through the remaining openings For even greater ease, moisten your toes (or the YogaToes) prior with our Purifying Spray

YogaToes - EZ Fit Ends

What is the difference between Original YogaToes and YogaToes GEMS?

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Linda M.
United States

I love my new Yoga Toes

They are easy to use when I wet my feet per the instructions. I've been using them for about 2 weeks, and I already see and feel a difference in my feet. I'm also massaging the feet, and will add an insole, which adds to the positive prognosis. There's less of a bunion, and less callous on one foot. Both feet look more healthy. In general, my toes are more spread out - less crammed. Yay! My podiatrist recommended Yoga Toes, and I feel joyful that I will have beautiful toes once again, as I continue to use this wonderful product. I love that they are silicone!

Kristen H.
United States


It’s Hard in the beginning but stay with it

Janet S.
United States

Seems to be working

They seem to be doing as claimed

Kathleen G.
United States

Fabulous...just what doctor ordered

Great...have been using yoga toes for several years...truly offers relief from stressed feet...have bunions but they have not grown since I have started to use yoga toes regularly. A remarkable product.

Kat K.
United States

Yoga Toes

They help a lot. They don’t take surgery off the table for me but until then, my foot and ankle doctor says, if they feel good, use them.

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